Welcome to my site. I have been interested in Photography for over 30 years, using my skills in the marketing Literature for T. Bowers & Co Ltd before taking early retirement. Turned semi professional over five years ago and in my 30 years experience I have photographed thousands of images ranging from weddings, Anniversaries, formal and informal occasions, portraits, still life, special events, nature, seascapes and landscapes with eight subdivisions of genre:' Landscape as Artistic genre', 'Landscape as God', 'Landscape as Fact', 'Landscape as Symbol', 'Landscape as Pure Form', 'Landscape as Popular Culture', 'Landscape as Concept' and Landscape as Politics and Propaganda' using film and digital, captured in colour and black and white, images that will last a lifetime, timeless and treasured for-ever. These Photographs represent my love of Photography capturing my feelings and emotions which have given me immense pleasure, satisfaction, enjoyment and learning experience. These Photographs reflect the passion and dedication, to capture that unique moment in time and preserve the memories for-ever. Enjoy.

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